Black Cross

Intro 1

Solo - Yuvi

Yuvi was delivering a shipment of farm equipment to a commune in the Canadian wilderness when she was intercepted by two choppers flown by a crew of pirates. Using her wits and her airtruck’s tie cables, she managed to destroy one chopper completely before the other harpooned her truck. After some taunts, she changed to her cat form and leaped the distance between the flying helicopters, brutally killing the two remaining armed pirates. The final survivor, the pilot of the second chopper, was spared on the condition that he give up piracy and start a new life as a freelance pilot – after all, he had the skills and a bird already, didn’t he? Yuvi then finished her delivery, received payment from the grateful commune, and returned towards home.


brianhmcfadden brianhmcfadden

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