Black Cross

Intro 2

Duo - Yuvi and Lars

Lars received an assignment from his superiors to investigate a missing shipment. The airtruck delivering it had not arrived at its destination; the best lead available was that the truck with the shipment had been last seen at a fueling station near the Canadian border. The trail then led to Yuvi, as she had been the last person to interact with the pilot of the missing chopper. Lars found her quickly, hired her on to help carry the shipment if it could be found, and continued northward.

They were approached by a Canadian police flight: two trucks and a cruiser. They landed to discuss the situation and their goal; the police had recovered some salvage from a crash, and were still carrying it. Lars was able to identify the goods as those missing, but found a gun to his back. The police were moonlighting as pirates, themselves.

In a brutal fight, Lars shrugged off a bullet to the chest only to be dropped by another, and then recovered heroically. Yuvi managed to restrict her own part of the carnage so that no survivor had seen her change forms, although the sudden fortuitous presence of a giant vicious sabertooth was noteworthy. The lone survivor of the police force confessed to the ongoing moonlighting of his squad, and gave the name of the buyer of their ill-gotten goods: Rodney Keeper, a representative of “The Syndicate.” The dirty cop was relieved of his badge, weapon, and some of his clothing, and sent south to America on foot with the warning that if he were ever seen in Canada again, Lars would hear of it. Having retrieved the goods as requested and uncovered the means by which they were lost, Lars and Yuvi proceeded back to Denver to check in at Eisenjaeger’s North America HQ.


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