Black Cross

Session 1

Joining Forces

(Post written long after the fact. Details may vary.)

Yuvi and Lars returned the stolen goods to Eisenjaeger in Denver. Dr. Blackwell, a brilliant scientist, was there as well to deliver his report on something very sciencey and high-tech, and Briggs, a bodyguard for some of the Eisenjaeger bigwigs, was there as well. As the deliveries were being made on the Eisenjaeger rooftop helipad, however, another airtruck appeared – and opened fire.

During the ensuing fight, the bigwig safely retreated to the interior of the tower, and the gunmen were fought back: Lars used his suit to drain the structural integrity of the enemy airtruck, resulting on some very cool special effects and a hail of machinery onto the innocent civilians in the street, forty-four floors below. Two metahumans, however, had been leading participated in the fight. One, a mid-twenties male, shouted loudly enough to stun and injure his opponents, and the other, a mid-twenties female, somehow interfered with the senses of her enemies to confuse them and conceal her allies. As the fight turned against them – the woman was knocked unconscious by a mysteriously-strong Briggs – they fled by jumping over the edge of the tower.

Lars followed to catch them and keep them from a splattery death, and managed to do so, but on landing, the two metahumans showed another power: they stunned him with a touch, leaving a disintegrated handprint in his chestpiece.

The four player characters, handily gathered, were then assigned a mission from Eisenjaeger’s biggest bigwig in North America, Mr. Bikveigg: track down those two metahumans, find out what was going on, and stop the problem at its source.


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