Black Cross

Session 2

Following the Trail

Setting out to track down the two metahumans, Dr. Blackwell’s expertise with technology and his access codes for Eisenjaeger’s satellite network allowed our heroes to track the two metahumans to a hotel. Briggs’ unusual skill set allowed him to follow their lead through the building, and into an underground sewer access – during which process Briggs revealed himself to be a mutant of bizarre form, able to take on the characteristics of inanimate matter, such as water or steel.

Following the trail through the underground tunnel system, the heroes eventually found an office – boobytrapped, with a note signed “R & R”. The trap was an explosive, connected to a radio transmitter and sitting atop large jugs of powerful acid; if the trap had gone off, they would all have been seriously injured (if not killed) by the blast, and then disfigured or even eaten away entirely by the acid. The radio transmitter was sending only a carrier wave, and would have been silenced by the trap – something easily traced from the receiving end, with zero chance for tracing the other way around. Of course, in the process of disarming the trap, the transmitter was also deactivated… so a listener would know for sure that the trap had been found, but not if it had been successful.


brianhmcfadden brianhmcfadden

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