Eric Hamilton

A bio-engineered athlete and the best-known spokesman for the Black Cross.


Eric Hamilton famously was born with spina bifida, resulting in his being paralyzed in the calves and feet. He went to school in a wheelchair.

His parents were offered the assistance of the Black Cross for his medical treatment, on the condition that the treatment include some new procedures that might allow Eric to walk if successful, and leave him with prosthetic legs if not. They accepted, and Eric began on his path to glory.

The treatments were intensive and time-consuming, but Eric returned to school on his own feet two years later. While in college, he took time off to attend the unique Olympic games, and won a solid collection of medals. His success story made him a media darling, and the Cross got some very good publicity. Eric cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the Black Cross Therapeutic Institute in Denver, where others could – free of charge, if they had a friend in the Cross – have the same kinds of treatments.

Since then, Eric has been the most public face of the Cross, and the most vocal proponent of their anthem.

Eric Hamilton

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