"Yuvi" Ortéz

Airtrucker pilot, mechanic and mutant – with neon pigtails!


Full name: Ursula Verity “Yuvi” Ortéz

STATS [32 pts]

STR 10
DEX 10
CON 16
INT 12
WIS 14
CHA 10
Attack 6
Defend 8

SAVES [15 pts]

Fort 0 (3 in human form, 4 in cat form)
Ref 15 (0 from stats/etc.)
Will 0 (2 from stats/etc.)
Tough 0 (3 in human form, 10 in cat form)

POWERS [75 pts]

  • Shapeshift (p98) – 10 ranks [60 pts] – Mutation
    Growth (p87) 3 ranks [9 pts] – gain 6 STR and 3 CON, flaw: Permanent (-1/rank)
    Leaping (p90) 3 ranks [3 pts] – see jumping rules (p34)
    Protection (p96) 10 ranks [10 pts]
    Strike (p100) 10 ranks [10 pts]
    Super-Senses (p103) 4 ranks [4 pts] – Darkvision and Accurate Hearing
    Super-Speed (p104) 2 ranks [10 pts] – Quickness 2 (p96) and Speed 2 (p100), Power Feat: Rapid Attack and Power Feat: Wall Run
    Skill: Stealth (p54) 15 ranks (lim. from 16) [2 pts]
    Skill: Survival (p55) 15 ranks (lim. from 16) [2 pts]
    [Extra: Duration: Continuous: cost +1/rank]
    [Flaw: Limited: Unique Form: cost -1/rank]
  • Regeneration (p97) – 6 ranks [6 pts] – Mutation
    Recovery Bonus 3
    Recovery Rate 3
    Automatically recover one Bruise each round, without rest.
    Check to recover from being Unconscious each round, without rest.
    Automatically recover one Injury after one minute of rest.
    Check to recover from being Staggered after one minute of rest.
    Check to recover from being Disabled after 20 minutes of rest.
  • Device: “Airtruck” Helicopter (Vehicles p42) [8 pts] – Technology
    Size Gargantuan; STR 45; Toughness 11; Defense 6
    Flight 4 (100 mph)
    Carries 4 tons without penalty, 6 tons at 2/3 speed, 12 tons at low speed.

FEATS [10 pts]

  • Attractive 3 (p59)
    +12 to most social interaction skills
  • Equipment (p61)
    Pilot’s ’Chute (harness worn under clothing, with a narrow pack on back; acts as emergency parachute, reducing the effect of a fall over 200 ft to that of 20 ft; must be re-packed, taking one hour, before reuse.)
    Grenade Launcher (see pg. 140) (Frag, Smoke, and Tear Gas grenades available.)
  • Evasion 2 (p61)
  • Improved Grab (p62)
  • Improved Pin (p62)
  • Instant Up (p62)
  • Uncanny Dodge (p65)

SKILLS [23 pts] (Total Skill Ranks: 92)

  • Bluff (p42) 2 ranks (+12 from Attractive, total +14)
  • Craft: Mechanical (p45) 15 ranks (+1 from INT, total +15 [limited from 16])
  • Diplomacy (p46) 2 ranks (+12 from Attractive, total +14)
  • Disable Device (p46) 15 ranks (+1 from INT, total +15 [limited from 16])
  • Gather Information (p48) 2 ranks (+12 from Attractive, total +14)
  • Knowledge: Technology (p50) 9 ranks (+1 from INT, total +10)
  • Notice (p51) 9 ranks (+2 from WIS, total +11)
  • Pilot (p53) 15 ranks (+0 from DEX, total +15)
  • Profession: Airtrucker (p53) 12 ranks (+2 from WIS, total +14)
  • Search (p53) 9 ranks (+1 from INT, total +10)
  • Sense Motive (p 54) 2 ranks (+12 from Attractive, total +14)
  • Stealth (p54) 15 (limited from 16) ranks (only in cat form; cost under Shapeshift power)
  • Survival (p55) 15 (limited from 16) ranks (only in cat form; cost under Shapeshift power)

DRAWBACKS [-2 pts]

  • Catnip (-2 pts: rare, minor)
    While human, Yuvi has an allergic reaction (hay fever) to catnip; while in cat form, it affects her with a +10 (that is, DC20) Fascinate effect.



  • Good people have the right to defend themselves against bad people.
  • Yuvi will find out what happened to her mother, and either rescue or avenge her, no holds barred.
  • (One more, to be determined.)

“Yuvi” is a young woman whose life appears straightforward.

Appearances can be deceiving.

To her friends she is a successful airtrucker – successful because she was able to buy her own helicopter truck after working many years for the Corporate Machine as a pilot. Yuvi now does contract work for them, and others on a freelance basis, instead. Her work life is spent hauling goods (usually food from outlying farms into the city) back and forth. Still, the margin for monetary gain is slim when you have an air ship to keep in good repair and still feed yourself. It’s a good thing Yuvi is a talented mechanic and not shy about having grease under her fingernails.

Yuvi has one surviving parent – her father – who is a mechanic in his own right and taught her what she knows on the subject. As her father is semi-retired, some of her wages go towards his care. -Her mother, who disappeared when she was almost thirteen, was a housewife and ceramics artist. Yuvi also has four older brothers, though she is closer to her father than any of them.

As for her mother? This is where Yuvi’s story gets to turn a bit odd. Her mother had something strange going on – a mutation she hid from her family until she saw the signs that her daughter had a similar condition. During Yuvi’s twelfth year her mother taught her how to control her abilities and how to hide them. Mother and daughter grew closer than ever in their shared secret and the time they spent together roaming the streets after dark. Then disaster struck and her mother’s secret was discovered. Shortly after, Yuvi’s mother was taken by what Yuvi suspects was some kind of underground government operation. She doesn’t have the proof needed to challenge anyone yet, but she is constantly trying to find out the truth behind her mother’s disappearance. She suspects her mother is dead: experimented on and then murdered because of her mutation – a mutation that was similar to Yuvi’s own.

In the aftermath of her mother’s loss, Yuvi discovered that her father knew about their mutations all along. It was a secret he kept close to his chest all along, and he swore to protect her as best he could. -Her father remains the only one to know about her abilities. And after what happened to her mother, Yuvi would like to keep it that way.

Unless she has a chance to exact some revenge and get back at those people responsible for taking her mother away from her. Then? No holds barred. It’s for this reason – the legacy and love of her mother – that Yuvi embraces her mutation and transforms whenever it is safe to practice her skills.

That, and it’s damn good fun.

"Yuvi" Ortéz

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