Black Cross

This organization has a very loud public voice, a strong hand in global politics, and a very polarized set of opinions. They publicly denounce the use of cybernetic enhancements, and as an alternative they promote genetic engineering and gene therapy. Technology is a crutch, they say, allowing humans to do what they otherwise might not – but incorporating a crutch into your body is more debilitating than helpful. Better to maximize each individual’s own potential and, in concert, achieve ever greater heights. In the brief revival of the Olympic games, for example, the Black Cross sponsored an engineered athlete named Eric Hamilton, who won six gold medals and one silver out of eight total track-and-field events. He is now their most prominent member and their public spokesman.

The Cross’ “improving humanity” anthem includes eugenics as well as engineering, and is unpopular with the disabled – although the Cross funds a hospital in Denver specifically intended to rehabilitate these same disabled, and even offers these services free of charge if the patient finds a Cross member to sponsor them.

While broad in its goals and influences, the Black Cross is very selective in its actual membership; there is rumored to be a steep “buy-in” price, as well as strict limitations on who is even eligible.

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Black Cross

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