Canadian Commonwealth

Once renowned for its polite citizens and friendly government, the new Canadian Commonwealth is very much the heir to the old Canada. While the central national government has been largely dismantled and redistributed, its duties were taken up without interruption by the various provinces and city-states. The “Loonie” (one-dollar) and “Toonie” (two-dollar) coins, dating from the late twentieth century, are the most consistently minted physical currency in the world, and, to the chagrin of serious merchants, are often considered a global standard. (Most actual commerce is done via local credit or trade goods.)

Much of the land that falls – technically – within the national boundaries remains pristine and wild, and many people looking for a fresh start in life find it inviting. There are more than a few scattered farming communes, which form a solid market for general supplies in one-truckload packages. Actual Canadian citizenship is readily obtained so long as you register with a recognized city government, prove permanent residence, and show evidence of self-sufficiency or employment, and must be renewed annually by the reporting of income and payment of taxes; citizens still receive general, preventative and emergency medical treatments at government cost.

Commonwealth citizenship is highly desirable for those in North America, as it provides a safe home, solid medicine, and neutrality in the Republic - Confederacy conflict.

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Canadian Commonwealth

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