As the largest metropolitan area on the planet (ahead of the Tokyo Civic Zone by a quarter million people) Denver was an easy choice for the Republic of America’s capital city.

It is home to the corporate headquarters of Smith-Phillips, as well as the Denver Institute of Technology and Design (the world’s largest institution of higher education) and the Black Cross Therapeutic Institute (the world’s largest medical institution.) As such, Denver tends to attract at least visitation, if not actual immigration, from global experts, bigwigs and media darlings; people of all walks of life may call Denver home. Denver features sufficient housing for this number of people, as well as several really huge office structures to house their business. The biggest for-rent structure is the Hammondson Towers complex, of which Eisenjaeger occupies the highest four floors and the associated rooftop pads.

In addition to its location, buffered by hundreds of miles of Republic in all directions and perched on a plateau nearly a mile above sea level, Denver has the protection of the Denver Battery Wall. Forming a dotted line around the heart of the city, this huge mass of concrete and steel includes a variety of repurposed buildings and rows of cemented-in tanks, along with installations of artillery, anti-air guns, and missile banks, as well as less exciting areas where it is merely a large wall. While most of the munitions are decades old, they still work for their original purposes, and the DBW’s network of structures includes the main garrison and headquarters of the Republican Army.

Since it does not, in fact, surround the entire city (and in some places is very far from doing so) much of the daily city traffic, as well as most of the longer-distance traffic, must pass through the wall. There are four major gateways kept freely open, one in each cardinal direction, and innumerable smaller entrances and gates which tend to require at least the flash of an ID card for passage. There may be other, unmarked passages as well, which are not actively manned by the Army and may therefore be scrupulously used by individuals wishing to avoid official interest.

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