House Rules

Some Important Things to Know

If I say “hero” I mean your character. This character doesn’t have to be particularly nice, though it may be easier to get along with others if your goals don’t involve their skulls on spikes.

The flavor of the world is something like the X-Men: First Class movie; metahumans are weird, new, and scary, and yet intricately involved in the conspiracies and power plays of the world. Like in a Deadpool comic, the fourth wall will get a beating every now and then, but there are serious issues at the core.

Your character’s Beliefs (see Character Creation) are table knowledge. They are there largely to contribute to dramatic and fun roleplay, so they need to be shared. Other characters may have no idea what you believe, though.

Actual Rule-Like House Rules

Mechanical Rules:

  • All types of save DCs will be determined as 10 + bonus/modifiers. By the book, Toughness saves start at 15 instead of 10; I think consistency (and reduced reward for direct attack over creative manipulation) will lead to faster and more fun gameplay. We’ll test this.
  • You may elect to “pull your punch” (reduce an attack’s effective damage/DC) even after the save result is announced, but not after other following actions. Attacks with the Full Power flaw may not be pulled.
  • Recovery and healing take effect at the end of the turn; other actions taken on the same turn are done while still under the effects of the ailment.
  • “Trained-only” physical-based skills (Acrobatics, Drive, Pilot, Ride, and Slight of Hand) may be used without training, but may benefit from no more than a +5 bonus from stats.
  • If any of your numbers end up above the “max value,” that item is effectively at the max value. Make a note of the mathematical value, if you want to keep the points where they are, to simplify future advancement.

Stat Rules:

  • All stats have the same cap of 40 to start (rather than STR/CON being capped at 30.) The direct combat benefits of high stats are still limited by damage/DC caps and save caps.
  • You may buy save bonuses for Ref/Fort/Will saves without correlation to the associated stat. The total save bonus cap is still in effect.

Power Rules:

  • Sockets and Slugs exist and are available for purchase at creation, and may be altered/added later like other powers.
  • In this world, there is no magic, so don’t buy the “Magic” power. Most magical effects can either be accurately replicated with other powers, or don’t make sense in this world.
  • The “Super-Movement” power options for Dimensional Travel and Temporal Travel are not allowed.
  • The “Super-Senses” power options for Precognition and Postcognition are not allowed.
  • The “Transfer” power is not allowed, but the alternate suggestion (using Mimic with an extra, and having the target be fatigued instead of losing traits) is permitted.
  • The “Transform” power is limited to the 3- or 4-point-per-rank form, and Mental Transform limited to 1- or 2-point-per-rank. (The power is thus limited to less-than-godlike status.)
  • You may not have more than one Sidekick (per the Sidekick feat) or more than 10 Minions (per the Minion feat) or more than one Summoned creature (per the Summon power.)

Miscellaneous Rules:

  • We are not using the optional Wealth rules. Equipment central to the character must be purchased with the Equipment feat or Device rules, and remains essential to the character. Devices and Equipment are assumed to be replaced at the earliest opportunity if lost or consumed, but gear acquired in-game (without Power Point expense) must be recovered in-game, and is subject to availability.

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House Rules

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