At the moment, “metahumans” are largely unknown – though there are a lot of unsubstantiated rumors. As you might think, most normal humans would be scared to have super-powered individuals among them, and so far most normal humans are blissfully ignorant.

There are two sources of metahuman abilities: technology and mutation. They have some similarities and some differences.

Technological metahumans, or Techies, get their metahuman abilities from pieces of machinery or electronics, or from synthesized nanobots, and so on. In a technologically-progressive world, technology is a fundamental part of day-to-day life, and people are generally accepting of things that they can understand (or at least relate to.) “Oh, it’s like an artificial leg? But it also has stabilizers and sensors built in? That makes sense.” Sure, if you have a gun in your arm, that’s a bit intimidating – but having a bionic arm in the first place is not all that scary. Full-body powersuits are unusual to see in daily life, but they’re manufactured for industrial applications; civilians don’t typically wear them to the mall, but you’re more likely to be asked what make and model you’re wearing than have people running and screaming (unless your suit does scary things to them.) If the machine is part of yourself, that’s a little weirder than if the machine is a suit, but sockets and slugs are generally available and most people have seen them in action.

Mutative metahumans, or Mutants, get their abilities from their own bodies, which are biologically different from the norm. These mutations have only just started showing up, and most people have never seen a mutant – or at least they’ve not known they were seeing a mutant. Some mutations have obvious visible effects, but others are subtle, and better suited to a life integrated into normal society. You aren’t going to be arrested for having green skin, but you’re definitely going to be stared at. As a warning: the last known “mutants” on the planet were the “zombies” infected by the plague. Try not to publicly identify with them unless you already have the trust of your audience.

Party-identified metahumans will be listed here.

  • Unknown Man – auditory powers
  • Unknown Woman – mental powers

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